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short bio

I was born in January, 1996.

Born and raised in Ra'anana, Israel. Son of Michel Opatowki, a painter, graphic designer and a key figure in the art scene of 70's Tel Aviv (Deceased in 2004), and of Ruthie Vital - Gilad, a poet, children's book author and a host of cultural events.

The passion for filmmaking and cinema in general goes back to elementary school. Along the way there was film studies in high school (theory and practice), and a 3 year mandatory service in the military (Artillery Corps). Filming and creating short videos were a way to continue the artistic flame through my combat service. After completing the service, I traveled to Southeast Asia, Europe (including the Camino De Santiago) and North Africa.

In 2018, I've started my B.F.A studies in Sapir Academic college, where I specialized in directing, producing and editing. I also acted in dozens of student projects and a few short films unrelated to the school's program. Beyond that, I worked as a graphic designer and social media manager of several businesses. For my last year in film school I managed a pub, known for it's cultural and social events, together with my girlfriend.


Today, I am based in Portugal. As I work on my first feature film, I am continuing my creative journey, learning new languages and cultures (and Portuguese proves to be quite the challenge) & working on the distribution of the final project of my studies - the short film In Living Memory (2022) .


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