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While directing is my biggest passion in visual arts, I find great satisfaction in producing as well. Making one's dream a reality, if it's small or especially if it's big, proves to be such a rewarding experience. Beyond the production stage, I have fondness for editing. Sometimes, it really has the fun and challenge of solving a puzzle. For me, gaining experience in producing and editing makes you a better director.

In Living Memory (2022)

Director | Writer

Gabriel, a year after his military service, is in a big house party with his good friend David. In the heat of the moment, he accidentally takes a double dosage of a psychedelic drug. Surrounded by strobing lights and intense techno music, Gabriel’s past resurfaces and fuses into reality.

Winnner of the Best Experimental Film in FICIMAD - Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Madrid 2024.

Producer: Ehevi Nahmani

DOP: Eliran Damri

Starring: Jonathan Simon Alster, Matan Yamin, Amichay Levon, Maya Bachar

Marketing C.jpg

Waffle Boi (2021)



A bizarre hip-hop comedy about a rapper with a unique appetite. The pilot has extra content available, such as original songs on Spotify and music plaforms.

Director: Shawn Ben Shaul

DOP: Eliran Damri

Starring: Aviv Amber, Tomer Mizrav

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-07 at 2.30.19 PM.jpeg



In this comedy, a lonely woman receives a surprising gift in the mail.


Was selected to be screened at the Side Chick Flick Film Festival 2020.

Director: Ayala Wolstein

DOP: Michael Jacob

Starring: Ayala Wolstein, Ron Mizrahi


Another Mantra (2022)

Producer | Script Advisor

Reut, while usually maintaining a chaotic everyday life, finds herself forced to rely on her square ex husband, Oded, for an entire day. As she rushes to an important interview, the meeting with Oded throws them both off balance.

Winner of the Best Television Pilot in the South Cinema Film Festival 2023.

Director: Hili Gil

DOP: Ella Dagan

Starring: Yafit Asulin, Adam Hirsch

תמונה שיווקית III.jpg

Ari Looking For His Dad (2019)

Director | Editor

Through interviews, selected works of art and original scenes, Ari seeks to learn more of the enigmatic figure that is his father.


Was selected to be screened in South Cinema Film Festival 2020.

DOP: Ori Shmueli

3rd Eye 2_edited.jpg

déjà vu (2021)

Director | Editor

As strobe lights fill the space and techno-infused sounds increase, army-related visions surface. Are they pure imagination, or a case of déjà vu?

Producer: Hili Gil

DOP: Eliran Damri

Starring: Amichay Levon

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